CITY- Banjaluka
ZIP CODE- 78000
CITY AREA- 1239 km2
POPULATION - About 199.991 (1991.- 195.139)
COORDINATES - 44˚46 south 17˚11 east
TIME ZONE - Central European GTM+1h
(End of March – beginning of October GTM + 1 h)

Banjaluka according to a population number is the second largest city in Bosnia-Herzegovina and it is a cultural, fi nancial, political and university center of Republic of Srpska (one entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina). It is situated in the north-west part of the Republic, in the ravine, on the transit between Dinarske Mountains in the south and Panonska lowland in the north.

The main flowing is Vrbas River which flows through the city center. The city has a medium continental climate, with the prevailing influence of Panonic space. Average annual temperature is 10,5 C˚, medium January is -0,3 C ˚, while in July it is 20,1 C ˚.

Average annual amount of precipitations for Banjaluka is 1044; 58 mm (liters per m2). Average number of precipitated days is 157.5. Average number of snowy days is about 50. In Banjaluka, north and north-east and northwest-west winds prevail.

Proportional high frequency of silence shows that in Banjaluka area during the year about 40 % of the days are without wind.

City Partners

Belgrade, Serbia
Graz, Austria
Kaiserslautern, Germany
Kranj, Slovenia
Lviv, Ukraine
Moscow, Russia
Novi Sad, Serbia
Patras, Greece
Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia
Bari, Italy
Bitonto, Italy
Campobasso, Italy


Official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian as members of Yugoslavian group of languages. In the official usage are Cyrillic and Latin character.


Official currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is convertible mark - 1 EUR = 1,95 BAM. A detailed course list for KM and the currency look you can check on the pages of Central bank Bosnia and Herzegovina. Money can be exchanged in all the banks, post-offices and in exchange-offices.


How to get here?
Banjaluka is situated on the very important communicational directions. Through the city, railway communication passes and connects the city with west and east Europe, so as other parts of RS and Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the 25 kilometer to the north from the city center, there is an international airport Banjaluka, bur bus and train station are 2 kilometers far from the city center northeast.

Distance of Banjaluka from other regional centers
Zagreb 167 km
Belgrade 332 km
Sarajevo 230 km
Split 263 km
Ljubljana 327 km
Osijek 217 km
Mostar 226 km

AIRPORT Banjaluka
Info phone: +387 51 535 210
Fax: +387 51 535 247
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Basic public transportation is city and outskirts buses. A bus ticket is paid by a ride and costs 1.40 km for the city and from 1.50 to 2.20 km for outskirts transportation depending on the length of the ride. A ticket can be bought at the bus-driver in the bus. A ticket should not be annulled but you should show it to a conductor if he asks for.

In Banjaluka there are about 2.672 parking places arranged on 41 parking locations divided on I and II zone. A parking price for 1 hour is 1 km and all-day one is 5 KM while a price for 1 hour in II zone is 0.5 KM, and all-day one is 3 KM. A charge is done by automat settled on the parking.

There is a number of hotels, hostel, rooms and private accommodation with the complete accommodation capacity of 1.200 beds and there is a camp in "Krupa na Vrbasu" which is 25 km far from the city center and from kayak course 13 km. The camp was built last year for needs of world rafting championship and is equipped with high quality showers and toilets, parking and football ground with artificial grass which can use all the camp guests. The camp is on the bank of the Vrbas River and on the mouth of Krupica River, and a capacity is about 500 guests and is spread on over 2.500 m2 without parking and additional objects. Prices in private accommodation are about 10 to 20 euros per person with breakfast, in hotels from 25 to 60 euros half-board and from 35 to 90 euros full board, hostels are from 8 to 11 euros per a night. The camp in "Krupa na Vrbasu" is free and it is available to all the guests representations for usage. In front of ECA and ICF for official delegation will be provided staying in Banjaluka for free.

Kayak Canoe Club will make contracts with all hotels in next period so every participant will have a discount for hotel service. Also, there is a weekend estate near the course in Karanovac housing estate which has many weekend houses that are not registered in the official offer and the prices are about 50€ per a house with 7-8 beds. Houses fulfill all the conditions and are mainly on the bank of the river.

Accommodation info: Miroslav Vasiljevic, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.